ONK – Instructions, additional information

Due to the Corona situation, we are forced to adjust a number of things. This letter also contains some instructions and additional information for the event.

1- Arrival / registration and measurements;

Times registration and measuring:

Thursday: 10 a.m. – 12 p.m.

14:00 – 16:00

18.30 – 20.00

Friday: 8.00 – 9.00 o’clock


On arrival, please register with the reception committee, from 10 am. It is important to show the measurement certificate, the measurement report and the proof of insurance. During this reception you will receive bow stickers with number and boom stickers. The bow sticker must be stuck on the bow. Maximum 10 cm below deck and maximum 10 cm from the bow. The boom sticker must be applied 10 cm from the front of the boom. The location of the stickers is checked and in case of incorrect placement a new sticker must be requested (additional costs € 25.00)

A time slot can also be chosen to have the boat checked by our measurement team. You will also receive a ribbon which must be attached to the back of the boom (group division).

You will also receive a number of coins for food and drink:

- happy hour coins, can only be used during happy hour!!

- Saturday night dinner coins, for dinner Saturday night.

- optional lunch coins (indicate this in advance, € 11.00 per lunch and pay immediately upon registration)


As a last point; from Badmeester Keimpe has asked us whether all participants and volunteers and family who will use the facilities, to check whether everyone has been vaccinated or can show a negative PCR test of up to 24 hours through the CoronaCheck App.


Dinner and lunches:

- Saturday evening Dinner is organized by fleet Friesland. Subsequently, the anniversary program was reorganized by IOU Netherlands.

If partners or other family members want to participate in the dinner on Saturday evening, report this immediately upon registration and pay. (€ 25.75 pp).

- Sign up for lunch

Number of people lunch will be passed on when registering and will be settled immediately (€ 11.00 pp). You will receive a token. You can hand in this coin at lunch. No coin, no lunch. Please let us know ASAP if you want to make use of lunch due to logistics catering.

- Thursday evening and/or Friday evening dinner at Badmeester Keimpe, please book this in advance at the restaurant by phone or website, 0514 601418 or via the website www.badmeesterkeimpe.nl


2- Opening and Palaver;

The opening and the palaver will take place on Friday morning at 9.30 am.

3- Measurement;

Toon Neijman and Theo Meus will carry out the measurements and checks. Measurements must be taken before the boat is placed in the water. Due to the Corona situation, it has been decided not to take the measurement in a central place, but that Toon and Theo will pass by the boats. Make sure that everything is present in the boat (life jacket, bailer, necessary lines, rudder, etc.). You agree on your time slot when you register on arrival.

4- Corona protocol;

Given the Corona situation, we assume that everyone observes the applicable rules, so keep your distance, wash hands etc.

5- Parking space and logistics;

The parking lot is only intended to park boats and cars of participants. Campers cannot be placed here. A spot can be reserved at Camping Marswal for campers, caravans and tents. www.marswal.nl

This is the responsibility of the participants themselves to arrange this on time.

6- Port and motherships;

The harbor master will be present during the weekend. It is not allowed to moor on the terrace, but you can find a place yourself in the boxes of the harbor that are reserved for the mother ships. If the harbor master has construction instructions, please follow the instructions of the harbor master. The harbor at Restaurant Badmeester Keimpe has no facilities such as electricity, water and sanitary facilities. If you are looking for an overnight stay in a harbor with facilities, we refer you to Recreation Park Marswal or Jachthaven Lutsmond (A ferry departs from here to the Lifeguard).

7- Boats and trailers;

When participants leave the boat in the water, the trailer must be placed in the designated place behind the parking lot. This may not be placed in the parking lot. In the harbor are places reserved for the boats.

There are 2 slipways to let the boats into the water. At the back of the site, where the trailers are stored, and at the front of the road. The first can only be used to put your boat in the water on Thursday and Friday and to take your boat out again on Sunday. Follow the instructions of our people who will inform you further about this. We advise everyone to leave your boat in the water.

8- Practice Race;

Thursday afternoon at 5 p.m. Participants should report this when registering and make sure that your boat has been measured.


9- Badmeester Keimpe;

Badmeester Keimpe must adhere to the rules as they now apply in the catering industry. We assume that everyone respects these rules and cooperates in adhering to them. Below is a summary of these rules.


Rules Badmeester Keimpe:

House rules:

- Waste in the appropriate containers and trash cans. (extra waste options will be placed for this weekend)

- Follow any mooring instructions from the harbor master.

- No BBQs or open fires on the property.

- House rules regarding Corona must follow please.

Corona rules Horeca

- A fixed seat is mandatory. This may also be a seat at the bar.

- Visitors keep 1,5 meters away from each other.

- For catering outside, keeping a distance of 1.5 meters with cough screens is not mandatory.

- The catering facility is obliged to ask visitors to register and to do a health check in advance.

- Self-service is allowed.

- In all food and beverage outlets, 100% of the capacity may be used at a distance of 1.5 meters. This applies indoors and outdoors.

- Entertainment is not allowed. Performances and screens are not allowed, and no loud music is allowed.

- Catering establishments have limited opening hours. They are allowed to open from 06:00 to 00:00.


Settlement of consumptions;

When you consume refreshments or other items, it has been agreed with Badmeester Keimpe that this will be put on the bill (on sail number). It is the responsibility of the participants to settle this before departure.



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